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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Review

Coming back from a good weekend, and already i'm feeling like i need to get in front of the computer to work work work. The problem with doing something right (which, if you follow the old adage, is how things worth doing should be done) is that you have to spend so much time and energy on it. Parrot's garbage collector, if we want to do it right, is going to require a lot of my effort.

Cousin Liesa was back home this morning. She got back from her tour in Iraq last week, and is parked at Fort Dix in Jersey for a while to debrief or decompress, or whatever. After that, she has to stay on the fort for a while to get a medical problem taken care of, then from what I gather she's on some kind of leave for a while. Her contract with the national guard is up in March, but apparently she stays in some kind of indentured servitude to the army for two years after that: She doesn't need to do the "one weekend a month" anymore, but she can be called up again if the army finds need of her. I don't like to talk politics much, especially not on this blog, but I find it hard to believe that the current administration won't find use of her before the next president takes office.

Dana and I went to target today, there was a good sale on clothing and I took the opportunity to fill a few holes in my aging wardrobe. I have plenty of "nice" clothes for job interviews and the like (if I ever manage to get one lined up), and I also have a few sets that I could wear to the first few weeks of a new job (if I ever manage to get hired). However, my daily wear--shorts and tee-shirts--are quickly degrading and need to be replaced. We got a few pairs of regular shorts and two pairs of athletic shorts. My intent, far-fetched as it may be, is to start some sort of exercise regimen to improve my energy levels. Because I spend so much of my time parked in front of the computer screen, i feel like i don't get in enough activity any more and that's taking a toll on me. What I'll probably do is go running tomorrow, come back home panting and dehydrated, wake up the day after sore, and give up the enterprise entirely. Until then, I've managed to justify the purchase of two new pairs of athletic shorts. Plus, it probably helps to stimulate the economy (even though I got them on a massive sale and they were made in Honduras).

Dana also baked a batch of nice brownie-cupcakes, and that's always appreciated.

Got a long week of work ahead of me, and I need to ramp up my job-search efforts as well. I'm going to be busy busy, but that's the way I like it, I think.

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