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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in PA

Back in PA now, spending the weekend at Dana's. Wednesday and Thursday I was up in MA for the big interview. I'll post more information about that later.

Dana's parents are away for the weekend, visiting her sister in Lancaster. We spent much of the day today running around, trying to tie up some more loose ends for the wedding. She bought the shoes she'll be wearing under her dress, she bought some flip-flops for the bridesmaids too. We had to take back one of the engraved gifts we bought because the date was wrong on it.

I spent a little bit of time yesterday and today working on Parrot some more. Without getting into too much detail here (I have a second blog dedicated to the technical details), I've been having some problems with managing all the different types of items that Parrot uses. I've got a solution in mind, but it's going to require some relatively invasive changes throughout the codebase to implement. However, the benefit is that we will be able to migrate more items to the memory management subsystem, increase consistency, decrease individual memory allocations, and improve overall system performance. Of course, this pushes back my "code complete" status, which I previously thought I had achieved. I'm willing to do the extra work to produce a better product, however.

Midterm evaluations for the GSOC project start on July 7th, and following those is my next paycheck. I've been working on this as hard as I can, and I am pleased with my results so far. I hope that other people are as pleased with it as I am.

Next week, it's back to work. I want to finish all the new details that i've been working on ASAP, and try to get cracking on testing and debugging. Fortunately, I was able to compile early last week, so much of that work will benefit me now.

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