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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A day to travel

Today is the big day, or the big day before the big day. In about four and a half hours I'll be catching a plane to Boston. Tomorrow, bright and early, I put on my suit and go in for the interview. We start off with a technical interview, and if I fail that it's game over: Do not pass go, do not go talk to anybody else at the company. I have high hopes that I will ace the technical part, I've been getting daily practice and am confident in my performance.

Thursday night I come home and drive directly up to Dana's house for the Weekend. Dana's sister, Jac, is pregnant with a baby girl. The pregnancy isn't new, but knowing the gender is. Dana's parents are going out to Lancaster for the weekend to visit, leaving Dana and I "on our own" for the weekend. One day, we're going to be "on our own" every day, in our own house. I find myself looking forward to that one day more and more ardently.

Geoff joined me for a short jog last night. We took my jogging route, but incorporated some details from his routine too. He likes to sprint the last leg, something which I have never done but he claims it's beneficial. My cardiovascularity [sic] stayed strong throughout, the difference in performance from even two weeks ago is astounding to me. My leg muscles are supporting the endeavor extremely well also, having none of the calve or ankle pain that plaged me the first two weeks. I am however having some point-pain on my shins that is bothersome, which turns into soreness. I think I need to try running on softer surfaces for a while.

Jimmy came over yesterday evening and we watched a new show "Wipeout". It was the kind of mindless entertainment that we used to have back in highschool, and was a welcome diversion from my regular evening schedule. Wipeout didn't have all the absurdities that our old standby MXC used to have. It was plenty funny though, and I think we are going to try to watch it again next week (Jimmy may even stop by for it again). With Lost and House seasons over, I haven't had anything to watch in a long while. I do need to find more entertainment that isn't computer-based, for my own sanity if nothing else.

I'm off to get ready now. I need to double check that I've packed everything, get dressed, eat, and run through my checklist one more time. I'll post updates as they come, if I find internet access before thursday night.

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