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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Schedule Changes

Just got a call from Dana, she bought me tickets to see NIN in concert! Box-seat, catered food&drink, tickets for two. Dana isn't going, of course, because NIN isn't her style of music. However, Dave is going with me. Geoff would have been another good candidate for it, but he's going to be in Mexico by then. Dana said she felt bad about last year's Tool concert, when I found 8th row seats for sale, and she said I shouldn't go (we were on a tight budget, and I had school the next day, so it was probably the more logical decision to make). Plus, this counts as a birthday+ graduation + anniversary combined gift. Awesome!

Johnny called me up this morning, had to cancel lunch tomorrow because of problems with his business. That's fine, I understand that (I've dealt with the ugly nature of seasonal business before), and said we could reschedule. We talked wikibooks a little bit, too. Wikibooks has been slow lately, and that makes me sad. Of course, my schedule has kept me plenty busy, so I'm not helping with that at all. One day, I'll get in there and really whip up a storm. I told Johnny that we should reschedule, if he can find some spare time to visit.

In lieu of lunch tomorrow, I miraculously have another phone interview scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. That's two in one week, a personal best! A recruiter from Aerotek called me this morning about a position over in NJ with pay that is closer to my minimum then the previous offer was. I dont know how excited I am getting about this position, I think i'm qualified for it but it might not be up my alley. I talked to Dana about it and she thinks I should consider all options, but that we can wait a little bit for a "dream job". If my interviews tomorrow or friday pan out, a "dream job" might be exactly what I get. As last time, I'm not going to post any details here because I don't need to speculate and I don't want to jinx myself.

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