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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

I'm spending the day at Dana's house. Her, her mother, and her sister are at a bridal shower for another hour or so, and I'm home alone here with the dogs. As a side effect, I've been pretty well productive for the time, so it's not a complete waste.

On a side note, I'm typing this blog post up in FF 2, not FF 3 Beta 5, which I've been using regularly. FF 3 Beta 5 seems to have some kind of cookie error that is preventing me from loading blogger on it. I'll explore that a little bit more and possibly submit a bug report about it if I find anything useful.

We made chicken salad today, again. We made it at my house yesterday morning, and subsequently ate the whole bowl of it for lunch. So, to satisfy everybody's appetite for the stuff, I made up another batch for Dana's family last night. Rave reviews all around. At least I know that if things don't go well in my engineering/programming career, my plan B is to start a restaurant or something where I can sell chicken salad all day. There's probably some money in it.

I worked a little on my Wikibot program, and it's in a good condition where I can start using it to help with my woes on the Linear Algebra wikibook. Considering all the massive changes I've made since friday, it might be high-time I released a new version, a Beta 2 or something. I've already got plans in the works for the next few features I want to add, but I feel like I've gotten a lot of this stuff out of my system for now and can go back to working on other things.

That's it for today, but I suspect there are things that I wanted to mention but am forgetting now. It doesnt matter, I can post an update tonight or tomorrow if I need to.

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