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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crunch Time

It's officially crunch time in Andrew-Land. I got back the most recent draft of my thesis from my advisor this morning, I have my final instructions, and it's time to wrap everything up.

Today I'm working on my final abstract, and I need to schedule a room to have my defense presentation. That will probably happen on the 30th. My adviser wants to see "results" by Monday, which means my free time has dropped to zero between now and then. What I need to do:
  1. Write the final abstract for my thesis (by Friday)
  2. Finalize my hardware design (it's mostly complete) and get it working in the simulator.
  3. Write software in my home-brew assembly language to run on the "hardware" in the simulator. My adviser has given me an integer-valued DSP filter function to implement. Besides the complexities of data buffering and port I/O, this shouldn't be too hard.
  4. Benchmark the processor, produce tables, graphs.
  5. Write about all these things, and fill in the missing sections in the back of my paper, including appendices.
Some other things that I need to do, but which probably don't need to be in on Monday include:
  1. Write my title page, and all additional front matter for my final paper.
  2. Final fixes to formatting, renumber all images and tables (my advisor prefers a different numbering method then I've been using currently)
  3. Rework all images to be more consistent. Convert images to bmp instead of png, because of rendering problems.
  4. Rearrange some material, move tables to appendices, add code and block diagrams to the paper.
And, after the dust settles, I should have a Masters Degree.

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