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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Recap

I'm coming off another nice weekend. It was boring for the most part, but sometimes what you need most is just a little bit of rest and relaxation.

We went out to "TJ's Everyday", the bar that Geoff likes because it has such a huge beer selection. Beer, as he is quick to point out, can be just as subtle and sophisticated as wine can be. I still can't drink more then a glass per night, not even when i order the fancy imported stuff. Dana and I also went out for sushi today, at a new* restaurant. I say "new*" with the asterisk because I don't think the restaurant is new, I think it's just a rebranding of an old restaurant that I never thought looked good enough for us to try. The food there was alright, although I may be a little biased. I've become very used to the sushi at the place near Dana's house, and while the sushi today may have been superior to the trained connoisseur, it wasn't what I was accustomed to, and so I felt a little disappointed by it. But, at least I'm out trying new things, so that's a plus.

Geoff got Super Smash Brothers Brawl this moring, and he's been playing it all day. I haven't gotten to play it as much as I probably would have liked. It is a very fun game, and I expect to waste a little bit of time on it in the coming week.

I got a phone call from 10 years ago. Mike called out of the blue, and asked if i knew the name of a videogame we used to play together. The answer was "Pax Imperia", a relatively unpopular space-empire builder sim. Mike says he may be down in the area sometime soon, and will call me to hang out.

In Wikimedia news (and I almost hate to even mention it, since all this drama lately is so pathetic), another set of allegations have been made about Jimmy Wales, this time from a new source. The source, "Mr. Merkley" claims to have a large collection of emails and other correspondences which he has forwarded to the Associated Press that detail some kinds of bad goings-on. Part of me wants to completely ignore all this recent nonsense, and toe the "party line" here, but I suppose I've become a little bit tired of the trend of secrecy and closed-door dealings that seems to have become the norm here in the WMF. These allegations today were followed by the response from Jimmy, "Consider the source". When asked for an explanation, we got the two word reply "It's nonsense". Danny Wool posted a timeline on his blog that also raises a few interesting questions. These are questions which could easily have very legitimate answers, but for which no answers have been given. Canned PR statements or--worse--silence in the face of serious questions or accusations of impropriety are so much worse then a straight answer. This is so even if the truth is slightly unsavory or even self-incriminating. There is forgiveness to be had if people come clean with their mistakes, but there is none if people try to sweep the dirt under the rug. I'm certainly not taking sides, I don't know any of the players in this game well enough to judge who might be telling the truth, or who might be just fishing for a reaction. I do know that far more questions are being raised then there are answers given. We can't expect every accusation to be given the time of day, but--again--you can't ignore them all.

Anyway, that's my weekend so far. Spring break starts tomorrow, although I'm probably going on to campus to tie up some loose ends. I should have plenty of time to write new updates this week.

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