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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Our flight landed around 12:15AM in Baltimore. I picked up our luggage relatively quickly, got to our car, and got on the road. It was raining, which always makes driving more annoying, and the fact that my left windshield wiper is busted doesn't help matters. The windshield wiper isn't so much of a problem since it clears most of my view. However, it makes a thumping or banging noise with each stroke, and that starts to wear on my patience.

I-95 was shut down through Philadelphia, so we had to take a detour through the city. This only added about 10 minutes to our total drive, and we managed to pull into the driveway at Dana's place around 3:10. After that it was sleep immediately (we didn't even unpack the car).

This morning I drove back to my house, and have been trying to catch up on my emails and work ever since. I've been through over 200 emails, I've read over 100 news items (many of which were skimmed quickly and deleted), and I've been working to upload my presentation files to the necessary places on the internet. Once this is all complete, all information including links will be available from my page on meta.

I have plenty of ideas for new topics to blog about, but I'm trying hard to keep to an average of about 1 post per day.

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