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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FireFox 3 Beta 4

I downloaded the new beta of FireFox 3 this morning, and I'm pretty impressed by it. It's a good browser, and I haven't found any serious bugs in it yet. Of course, I'm not logging memory usage or anything, but it seems to work well enough for my needs. A few points that I've noticed:
  1. The javascript engine is noticably faster then FF2 or IE7. I don't need to be using all sorts of superlatives and adjectives like "blinding" to describe it. However, by my perception, scripts are executing faster, dynamic webpages are being set up faster, etc.
  2. There are some small differences on some pages in regards to formatting. These are generally small. I assume that FF3 is rendering things to a higher standard then FF2 or IE7 are. So this might not be a "bug", but instead it could be a "feature". I'm sure web users and web developers will have different opinions on this behavior.
  3. Pages seem to load a little more quickly. Page rendering is fast. Again, I'm not benchmarking anything, I'm just speaking from my own perception.
  4. The interface is "nice". I'm not into ultra-modern user interfaces (I've had to extensively modify IE7 to make it more "traditional"). FireFox 3's interface is fancy in some places, but isn't too far a departure from what people should be comfortable with.
This is all I have for now, just some of my initial impressions of the browser. I haven't even dug into any of the menus or options or features yet, so my impression could change easily as I use it more.

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