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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend: Ruby Tuesdays

Had a good, albeit boring, weekend. Dana and I didn't have any major plans, which is a nice change from the many weekends during the massive thanksgiving/christmas season. Unfortunately, the time we normally would have spent running around was instead spent watching TV and playing my gameboy.

We worked on Dana's resume, which actually turned out very nicely.

A while back, we had gone to a Ruby Tuesdays restaurant, and while neither of us quite remember the details, we had decided that we were never coming back. However, today we were up the road, hungry, and decided to give it another shot. First off, we waited and waited. It was 20 minutes before the waiter first showed up to give us drinks. We asked for water, waited another 5 minutes. We put in our orders (we had plenty of time by now to mull them over), and put them in as well. The food was, to put it simply, lousy. My sandwich was wet and drippy, and fell apart halfway though. Not only did it not taste particularly good (especially not when disassembled), but the weird juice dripped all over my frys to make them soggy and unpleasant.

When we finished, we decided to ask for the check and get out of there ASAP. Of course, the waiter took his time, and it was another 10 minutes before we got out of there. We wanted to leave a small tip, but we didn't want to waste the time for this guy to bring back change, so we gave him a 4$ (more then he deserved, by a long shot) and stormed out. Never going back to Ruby Tuesdays again, and this time we will remember why.

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