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Monday, January 14, 2008

Online Safety Book and Course

I'm writing this post in response to a Slashdot article from a few weeks back:

Which, in turn, is written about a news story:

"US Curriculum to Include Online Safety"

The potential here for Wikibooks and Wikiversity is enormous. A course and an accompanying textbook for online safety would have the potential to help influence a nationwide standard for online safety. How often have we all seen newstories of children being solicited online, or people downloading destructive bugs or viruses from unfriendly websites?

This is the kind of thing that many of or tech-savvy members could participate in, talking about avoiding phishing, keeping your computer protected from viruses/spyware/adware, keeping children protected from predators/pornography, etc. I would like to start getting some ideas together on this, and I hope that other people would be interested in helping.

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