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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dana's Blog

Dana set up a blog of her own now, and I think it's a good thing. i've found blogging to be very therapeutic, and putting down your thoughts makes an excellent record that you can trace later. At the moment her blog is very very pink which is fitting, I think.

She's already posted some New Years resolutions, and I have to admit that i'm stumped in coming up with some for myself. They say that you should be more specific and set specific goals instead of vague generalities. One thing I do want to do is to be more organized with things. This will involve making more frequent and more productive use of my PDA. With my fancy-shmance new keyboard, that should be easier to accomplish.

Dana and her parents also got new phones for themselves. Dana got a cool "EnV" phone with a full keyboard and internet access. I think i might just want that for myself, but we will see about that in the coming weeks. A new phone would be a great thing, especially if i can use it for internet access on the train.

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