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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cell phone

I'm getting ready to buy a new cellphone soon, because my old one is lousy. Dana is on Verizon and ideally i would like to migrate with her onto a family plan. Both being in Verizon is going to do a lot to keeping our bills lower, because we talk to each other more then anybody else. That's a lot of minutes that are free instead of coming out of the monthly pool.

Considering how web-integrated i've become, I want a phone that has significant internet presence. This includes web browsing, emailing, and a good keyboard. When it comes to keyboards the bigger, the better. Also, I would highly enjoy it if my phone could be used as a wireless gateway for my computer to access the internet. I wouldn't have to use that capability all the time, but it would be handy during long train rides, or when i travel, or whatever.

I'm thinking about the EnV, which is the phone that dana has already. She likes it, and it does have a lot of the features that I am interested in. I'm not necessarily interested in the 100$-150$ price tag, but i am willing to pay to upgrade from my current phone. I would like to have an Android phone, but I don't know if i can wait for that platform to mature. It's getting to the point now that if i don't get a new phone soon, I'm going to go crazy and run my old one over with my car.

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