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Monday, November 3, 2008

Welcome Home

I don't think too many people read this blog, but some people may have accidentally added it into their aggregators in times past. Forgive me this post, which promises to be long and rambling, and feel free to skip past it if your eyes start to glaze over.


Yesterday afternoon we landed back in Philly airport from Cancun Mexico. The honeymoon, which lasted about 6 days and nights, was a great one. At least, I assume it was great, I've never been on a honeymoon before so I have nothing against which to compare. We went to some cool all-inclusive adults-only (but not clothing-optional) resort, and really had a blast. Not having to carry my wallet around all the time and worry about how every drink and every meal would affect my bottom line was quite liberating. I don't know when or if we will be able to take a similar trip in the future, but I hope we do.

The service at the resort was exemplary, although Dana and I both agreed that some of the food didn't quite meet our expectations. Of course, the problem could easily have been on our side of the table, since we have become a little snobbish in our burgeoning foodyism. I had an issue too with the consistency: The average quality of the daily breakfast buffet was far surpassed by the quality of the dinner entre selections, for instance. I will say, for what my opinion is worth, that their asian restaurant was some of the best asian food (including sushi) that I have ever had. On the other end of the scale, their Italian foods were just short of appalling, so you can't win them all.


The election is tomorrow, and I'm sorry to report that I probably won't be able to cast my vote. I registered in south Philly back when I was still living there as a student at Temple. I never moved my registration to Chester County when I moved in with my parents, and by the time I moved in with Dana in Mongomery county, it was past the 30-day deadline to get it switched. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner (I should have!), and even if I was registered in Chester County where my parent's live, that's where I work and I would have been able to get to the polls without any problem at all. 4 long years have passed where I could have updated my registration, but it was never at the top of my todo list because it never seemed like it was a pressing move to make. Now, when it's most pressing, I'm kicking myself for not taking it more seriously before.

For what little it's worth I'm a supporter of Barack Obama, but as a non-voter, I don't really have any standing to preach about this issue any further here on my blog. When 2012 rolls around, I definitely won't make the same mistake.


The wedding was fantastic, and pictures are already finding their way onto facebook. When we get more pictures up, I'll try to post links or something. Dana made quite the gorgeous bride, and a really fun time was had by all those who attended. All the planning that Dana and her mother put into it was well-rewarded.

By the by, if there are any lovebirds in the greater Philadelphia area looking to get hitched, let me know because I could make a few recommendations about various vendors that we dealt with.


Got word today that the FSF released a new version of the GFDL which includes a migration clause for moving our wiki projects to the CC-BY-SA instead. This is great for a number of reasons, but it also raises some practical problems. One issue that I'm trying to deal with now is the issue of book donations. There are a number of authors who have donated books to Wikibooks, and now their works could be migrated to CC-BY-SA if things move that way. Many of the books I've worked with (including the UNDP-APDIP books) are already dual-licensed GFDL+CC-BY-SA, so there isn't an issue with them.

Before the wedding, I had a great phone conversation with people from the World Bank about donating one of their books to Wikibooks, and now I have to get back in touch with them about it to know about this additional detail. Hopefully I can put them in touch with some of my contacts at the UNDP-APDIP to help smooth the way for this cool project.

There are lots of other wikibooks-related projects going on in the background too, but the time is not ripe to talk about any of those yet.


The fledgling Parrot Foundation is having an in-person meeting for some of their contributors later this month at Google Headquarters in Mountain View CA. I am hoping that I would be able to make it too the meeting (how cool would that be!!), but it's such short notice and I'm completely out of vacation time now after the honeymoon. I have to see if I can find some amenable flight plans that would get me there and back without having to miss any work (or very little).

Anyway, that's all my rambling for now, I'm sure I'll have more posts to make in the coming days once more details flood into my head.

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