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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Status update

With so much going on in my life, you'd think I'd make a few more blog posts explaining them all. Not so, I've been a little dis-motivated to make any blog posts recently.

My motivation pendulum has swung back towards Wikibooks, because recently there have been some major changes there. The new print-on-demand extension that's been installed there is amazing, and as we speak my first book is in the mail. After all this time it's going to be amazing justification for me to finally have a book with my name on the cover. Of course, I'll only be credited as an "editor" on the work, even if I know deep down that I'm responsible for the vast majority of the authorship as well. Such are the caveats of working in a collaborative environment like Wikibooks: you don't get the winner-take-all credit that a traditional author gets from their books. Also, I don't get any royalties. What I could do, of course, is try to get the source files myself and take those to a publisher, get my own deal and get royalties from it. I doubt there is any real money for an amateur like me to be making from the kinds of books I've written thus far.

Yesterday was a harrowing one, Geoff's girlfriend Kara missed her flight back to the USA. This happened after my parents received a call that her connecting flight from Chicago to Philly, so everybody was highly confused. To top off the situation Geoff's microphone was busted, so he couldn't talk to us by Skype, so I had to coordinate the powwow between Geoff on IM and my parents on Cell. Kara should be flying into town tonight around midnight.

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