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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Productive Weekend

We had a "relaxing" weekend this weekend. "Relaxing" here is just a euphemism for "worked on things that weren't the wedding". Most of the weekend was spent with the plumbers who were installing their new heating system, and the rest of the weekend was spent lazing around (good!) and running a few errands. We managed to pick up a few more odds and ends for the apartment, too.

This weekend I found out that one of my books on Wikibooks, "x86 Disassembly" was promoted to featured status. It's quite an honor, I think, because featured books are advertised on the main page and get a few other cool messages as well. Wikibooks has about 3600 books (by one count), and we have only about 64 featured books now. Some of these "featured" books are really legacy from years ago, and don't really meet our current standards anymore, although the effort hasn't been made to remove them yet.

I've been talking with some of my Wikimedia compatriots from Wikiversity today and yesterday, and apparently a little bit of hell is breaking out there. Infighting between some of the members there has come to a head, and people were asking me for some advice. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to really get involved in the situation, although I am following along with the drama tonight.

Speaking of Wikibooks and Wikimedia, I applied today for a "microgrant" related to Perl 6. The project I applied for is to write a book about Perl 6 at Wikibooks. I've found that there is a relative dearth of information about Perl 6 on the internet, except for the infamous "Synopses" that form the majority of the language specification at this point. I'm hoping that a well-written book can help bring Perl 6 to the masses. Writing this book is something that I've been planning to do for a while now, and if I could get some grant money for it, that would be icing on the cake. Plus, a formal grant would help keep me on an aggressive development pace for it.

Anyway, that was my weekend so far. Next weekend is Dana's sister's baby shower, and the weekend after that we are moving into our first apartmnet together. Exciting times!

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