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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

King of the Castle

It's only been three days since we moved in to our new apartment, and already tonight I'm at my parent's house? You might think Dana has thrown me out already, tossed my sorry ass out into the night. I can't blame anybody for thinking it, but that's not what happened at all. Tonight is Dana's rescheduled dress fitting, after her last one went so disastrously.

The seamstress who was supposed to work on her dress had a few screws loose (I met her, it's no joke). Instead of dealing with Dana's dress personally, she "outsourced" it to another seamstress who wasn't aware of all the specific details and requests that had been made at the previous fitting. Needless to say, the alterations were made incorrectly, Dana was pissed, had to reschedule. If I learn no other lesson about marriage in this life (and at this rate, that's about all I will learn) it's that you don't mess up a bride's dress.

The fitting is relatively late and it's near her parent's house, so she's just going to sleep there. I stopped in at my house for dinner since I would rather be here then at my apartment alone, although everybody is late getting home from work now and I'm alone anyway. This is the third blog post I've written in peace, and history should prove I'm never short on words!

Last night we went out and bought a brand-spanking-new 37" LCD TV. It's big, it's nice, and it's ours. Comcast got the cable installed yesterday too, so we've got working internet and cable TV. We aren't doing a landline because we've both got new cellphone plans, and I don't see a reason for phone redundancy like that.

Both of our commutes are much longer then they had been, but it's the price we had to pay to live together. At least we're right in the middle, and neither of us has an unfairly long ride.

After dinner tonight I'm heading back to the apartment to watch my awesome new TV and try to figure out how to get my damn Linux laptop to connect to my wireless router (yes, it's become a problem). In to work tomorrow, wash, rinse, repeat.

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