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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Things I've learned from Commercials

With the Olympics on now, I've been watching a lot more TV then usual. With TV, of course, comes the commercials, an onslaught of all sorts of companies trying to sell things that you don't know that you want or need yet. The techniques that some companies use in their commercials is so bizarre sometimes that I have to wonder whether any thought has gone into them at all. Sometimes, misfortunate secondary messages are made more obvious in a commercial then the primary "Buy our shit" message that commercials should be focusing on. Here are some examples:

  1. Geico: It's okay to discriminate against people who look different from you, especially if it helps you sell your shit.
  2. AT&T: The mother has to slave away in the kitchen and nag at people while the rest of the family gets to sit, eat, and disrespect her. Go Mom!
  3. M&Ms: You are what you eat, so don't you want to become short, fat, compulsive, and disgusting?
  4. Fiber One Cereal: People who work retail are idiots. That, or maybe the fiber really is "hiding in the honey clusters".
  5. Volkswagon: Drive a Volkswagon and get pulled over. It seems to happen every time. At least this particular cop doesn't appear to be a total jerk about it.

These are just some of the few I've seen and care to remember, I'm sure there are a lot more comemrcials that are this poorly written.

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