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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things and stuff

I'm sensitive to light now, and my vision is a little blurry. So, if you see any serious typos in this blog post it's not because I didn't proofread first. Soome misttakkes Looookk righht to mee. I just got back from my exam at the optometrist, and it turns out my vision is the same as it's ever been. I feel like they could have just asked me, "Are you having problems seeing stuff?". Instead, I have to sit through a whole battery of tests: some which are fun and the rest which must build character.

I now, for the first time ever, have a nice pair of sunglasses. Over the weekend Dana and I meandered into the Sunglass Hut, tried on a few pairs, and each walked out with some nice shades. The last pair of sunglasses I had I got from the mall kiosk for 10$. The pair before that was bought at Bonaroo for two beers and a promise to do some guerrilla advertising. But now I've got myself a great pair of glasses, one more major life purchase to check off my to-do list.

Work today was uneventful. Everybody who I normally work with is out of the office. Susan, my boss is out for the week on vacation. Steve, the EE who seems to know the most about our hardware system, is in Chicago on business. William, the manager who seems to have plenty of engineer in him, is with Steve in the windy city.

I spent much of my day hacking around on my Perl scripts. I can do now with a click what used to take hours every morning. Where we used to have pages of hand-scribbled results, we now have full-color graphs and automatically generated spreadsheets.

Chatted with Jason today. It's amazing to me how we're still on the same wavelength. We glide effortlessly in and out of 1337, Lol, conversation-enhancing XML () and ordinary english. We always have plenty to chat about in the realm of gadgets, programming, and life. Jimmy is coming over tonight and has every tuesday in recent memory. We've been getting together to watch the new show Wipeout. If only I could get dave out from under his bridge not feed him after midnight (That's right dave, you've become both a troll and a gremlin) it would be like highschool all over again. That is, it would be highschool if we added some alcohol.

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