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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekender Update

It's sunday night, and for once I'm staying at dana's house for the night instead of going back to my own. My mother's uncle Bill and cousin Melanie (sp?) are staying at my house and, since we don't have two guest rooms, Melanie is staying in my room. My options, as layed out in a phone call from my mother, were to go home and sleep on the couch or to stay the night here at Dana's. Frankly, it's a no-brainer for me.

This weekend I finally got a new cellphone, the LG En-V 2. So far, my initial impressions of the phone are good. I'm glad to be finally entering the realm of ubiquitous mobile computing. One problem I had today was that Verizon charges 20$ to download a POP3 email reader program to the phone. I was going to get the program so I could access my GMail account, but I realized that I could read my gmail just fine using the included web browser. 20$ saved, I'm certainly not going to pay in order to do a second way something I can already do for free. I downloaded two ringtones, hopefully the last two I ever need.

I've got my forms filled out for the Google SoC, Dana is going to fax them at work tomorrow. Getting all the forms I needed (3 of them) printed was a huge hassle, as always. I probably don't need to say it again, but I absolutely hate printers. I've never seen a printer that was worth any money.

We're watching the transformers movie now on TV. Even though I own the movie, I've never taken the time to watch it. Shows how much free time I've had since Christmas. Hopefully, that will change

Tomorrow, I'm heading down to the city to try to wrap up the last remnants of my school work. I've got to buy more paper and print out a few pages to satisfy the graduate school. Ideally, I want to get it all taken care of tomorrow or Tuesday. After that, schoo is over and it's smooth sailing.

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