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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Up and Running

I'm already up and running with my new Ubuntu install, I have all the capabilities that I used to have with Windows, and it's taken me less then 24 hours to get it all set up. I can't even set up a new Windows install that quickly if I want to have all the tools I need to get things running. I've got IRC, SVN, all my perl modules up and running, everything I need.

The few problems that I have had revolve around missing dependencies lists, and the constant need to prepend "sudo" to every operation I want to execute. I tried to install Tk and got a cryptic error about missing some xlib dependencies. Turns out I had to install a package called "libx11-dev", which is not even remotely obvious. I was lucky to find a mention of it in a forum post when I did a google search. I'm also having a little problem trying to decide between multiple programs that perform the same tasks: nedit, gedit, jedit, etc.

The few problems aside (and most of them are due to my own newness), I'm in love with the features of this system, and am happy I made the switch. Now, it's back to work as usual, and I have a lot of development projects that need my attention.

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