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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keeps on going on

Things at work are going well. I've been informed today that I would be getting new business cards. This prompted a few moments of trying to figure out some important details: what, exactly, is my job title? What is my desk phone number? I mean, I know my phone's extension, but I didn't know what the number was to reach it from the outside. Now, I know. I asked my boss what my job title was, to which she replied, "I dont know, what would you like it to be? What is mine? I'm probably a senior software engineer, I guess". Well, I guess that makes me a "Software Engineer" then, which is fine by me.

I've also been informed that I'm going to be getting a new laptop and widescreen monitor. This is a little bit depressing, because it's taken me so much time to get my current computer set up properly. Of course, I won't complain about having a big second monitor, a single screen is barely enough to contain my productivity (or stimulate my interest).

Had lunch with Johnny today. He's uncharacteristically busy now, summer is normally a down-time for him. Apparently, and this is a correlation that I would never have made myself, people who are feeling the effects of the down-economy are spending more time in their own lawns and gardens, and less time traveling for vacation. Hence, Johnny has been busy making people's gardens more picturesque. He's also been doing a lot of cool work on Wikiversity too, something that I am envious of. I rarely have any time to log on and wind down with a little Wiki with work and Parrot eating up all my time.

I'm hoping that once Dana and I move in together I will be able to use my weekends more productively. I certainly have a lot of projects on the back burner that I would love to pour more attention into.

Johnny and I went to Mino, the nice little sushi joint in my neighborhood. They always have nice specials, and reasonable prices, so it's a big bonus. I was half expecting to see Geoff and Kara there, since they are both home now and Kara was talking about it yesterday. However, I find out today that they went to Capos instead. Capos is an awesome little italian deli that makes fantastic hoagies. After exchanging stories, I was envious of their lunches, and they were envious of mine. A delicious hoagie and a little tiramisu would sure hit the spot, but I don't want to be spending so much money on lunches. Sometimes I just need to buckle-down and brownbag it.

My Parrot progress hasn't been going as well as I would like, and I am having severe doubts that I will be able to "finish" my collector by the end of the GSOC program. chromatic has said he's satisfied with my work despite my inability to finish. It was a hard project, and maybe the expectation was never that I would get it all done on time anyway. I'm still working on it, but progress is obviously going slower that my time is taken up with a "real job".

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